The Events and Tourism Institute (ETI) has years of event management, tourism, and destination development experience with a foundation in the world of academics. Our work researching, developing, analyzing, and consulting with communities has elevated us from education-based programs to strategic-minded solutions. No matter what the need, we can help your community’s brand and events grow.

ETI internally connects our faculty and student expertise with external experts to create long-standing and collaborative relationships to strategically evolve solutions, better targeting our community, industry, and public needs.

Events and Tourism Institute strives to:

  • Become the global educational conduit for events and tourism technology innovations 
  • Develop innovative executive seminars for tourism and business events leaders
  • Engage in research and development projects for various domestic and international organizations
  • Provide experiential learning and research opportunities for students
  • Advance research and studies for our faculty


Events and Tourism Institute develops and innovates products and services used to deliver world-class events and tourism platforms in the national and global communities we serve.Events and Tourism Institute strives to become the preeminent resource to assist cities, states, and international events and tourism professionals, strategically enhancing events and tourist experiences while maximizing community economic impact.